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You don’t know what God has done for you if your girlfriend is not on Facebook– Deary Hybee Moham

A Nigerian man identified as Deary Hybee Moham has made it known that men should be grateful to God if their girlfriends are not on Facebook.

According to him, if your girlfriend still calls or text you after chatting with her friends on Facebook then you must be a lucky man.

He also said, most ladies are snatched online from unserious men.

If your babe is not on facebook, you don’t know what God have done for you but if she’s on Facebook and even after calls, she still bugs you with chats online rather than chatting with somebody else boyfriends or husband that are deceiving her, then you are so lucky bro.

#Note: 80% of babes are being snatched online from a careless owner”, he wrote on his Facebook page.

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