Wuhan Has Zero Hospitalized Coronavirus Patients, Says Health Commission

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    Wuhan, the town at the middle of China’s coronavirus outbreak, has no more hospitalized patients after the last 12 were discharged, the Hubei province health commission said.

    Hubei’s remaining patients were all in Wuhan, the capital where the outbreak took the heaviest toll in China. The 3,869 people confirmed to have died within the city account for more than 80% of the country’s reported deaths.

    It is a historic day,” a newspaper owned by the Wuhan government said.
    Hubei has no more suspected cases in its hospitals, though 1,728 people who had close contact with infected people remain under medical observation, the provincial health commission reported Monday.
    Patients remain hospitalized elsewhere in China, including 67 in Shanghai and three in Beijing. Many cities have seen an influx of cases from overseas, prompting the government to sharply curtail international flights and entry.
    With the easing of the crisis, a central government team that had overseen the response in Hubei since late January departed Monday, China’s official Xinhua News Agency said.

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