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They have Won: Daughter Leads Mum and Dad in Amazing Display of DropItChallenge, Sweet Video Goes Viral

They’ve Won: Daughter Leads Mother and Father in Incredible DropItChallenge Display, Sweet Video Goes Viral

In a viral video, a young lady is seen leading her father and mother in an incredible family DropItChallenge demonstration.

The lady and her parents agreed to take part in the viral challenge, and the internet is awash with praise for their performance.

Many Instagram users have already commented on the video, with many claiming that the family has won the challenge with their actions.

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When a daughter encouraged her parents to participate in the viral DropItChallenge as a family, it took on a new meaning.

Many people have been astonished by a video of the family’s outing on the internet, and it has been reported that they did exceptionally well.

Dad keeps quiet has Daughter Dance to disturb his Rest with DropItChallenge. see video below

Many people have commented on the video on social media, claiming that the family won the challenge.

The daughter stood in the midst of the video, like a coach, guiding her mother and father on what to do and how to drop it.

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It was incredible to watch when they finally dropped it. It appears that more and more parents are participating their children in internet challenges like the one shown in the video.


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