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‘Save it For Younger Ones,’Says 90-Year-Old Belgian Woman , Suzanne hoylaerts Who Died From COVID-19 After Refusing Ventilators

Belgian woman suzanne hoylaerts, 90, with coronavirus dies after telling doctors to save ventilator for younger patients’ Countries round the world are scrambling to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

As of April 4 , there are already more than 60,000 deaths recorded who died from the highly infectious respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

According to the data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 has exceeded 1 million. This number continues to grow as the days pass by.

In an article by Science Times last February, it says that older people have a higher chance of contracting the disease.

Additionally, according to Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, COVID-19 kills an estimated 13.4% of patients over 80 years old, compared to 1.25% of those in their 50s, and 0.3% of those in their 40s.

The Sacrifice of a 90-Year Old Belgian Woman In a report from Fox News , it identified a 90-year old woman in Belgium that died after refusing respirator telling her doctors ‘Save it for the youngest, I already have a beautiful life.’

Suzanne Hoylaerts, 90, sick from #COVID2019 refused the breathing assistance. She told the doctors : “I had a good life, keep it for the younger ones”.

She died few weeks ago.
This woman from Binkom, near Lubbeek, named Suzanne Hoylaerts was first brought to the hospital by her daughter Judith when she began to complain of shortness of breath and experiencing a loss of appetite. Later on, she was admitted to the hospital and tested positive for COVID-19.

She was immediately put in isolation, leaving her separated from her daughter. When the medical staff were about to put her in a respirator, the doctors reported that she said: ‘I don’t want to use artificial respiration. Save it for younger patients. I already had a good life.’

She has refused the required critical treatment even though she already had low oxygen concentration.

Two days after being hospitalized, on March 22, Suzanne Hoylaerts died at the age of 90. She died in the hospital Het Laatste Nieuws, reported by the Dutch-language newspaper based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Hoylaerts was hospitalized last year due to pneumonia, lived alone, and took the lockdown seriously, that is why her family was wondering how she contracted the virus, said her daughter Judith.
She remembers her last moments with her mother before Suzanne was put into isolation. Suzanne told her, “You must not cry. You did everything you could.

Like any other patients who died of the virus, Judith was not able to say goodbye to her mother and was not able to attend her funeral as well.
Praise from people around the world.

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Suzanne Hoylaerts’ sacrifice was applauded by social media users around the world. Her story was featured in the private Facebook group “Corona Virus COVID-19 Australia” and received more than 2,000 likes and shares, according to 9Honey in Australia .

One Twitter user even wrote on Twitter, “We will not forget her sacrifice.” Another also said: Not all #Heroes wear capes!! “Indeed, Suzanne Hoylaerts’ sacrifice is much appreciated and will not be forgotten.

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