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Singer Peruzzi exposed for allegedly having a steamy romance with Korra Obidi

n the midst of Instagram dancer Korra Obidi’s difficult divorce from her husband, Justin, rumors are circulating that she was romantically connected with Nigerian artist Peruzzi.

Cutie Julls, an Instagram blogger, claimed Korra Obidi was having a love relationship with Peruzzi despite being married to her husband.

The extramarital affair was confirmed, according to insiders, but Korra Obidi claimed she did not cheat on her husband, Justin, because she wore a condom.

The post reads, “Sad but no word in every occurring nook of Lagos that DMW’s Peruzzi was gbensing Korra even as Mrs Dean was gbensing Korra.

This information has been confirmed without a shadow of a doubt. Taya, I don’t confirm.

However, because they may have used condoms, we cannot conclude that Korra cheated on her spouse.

During their six years of marriage, Justin accused Korra of adultery, according to Vivsco media.

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“I am tired of selfishness, cheating, and lack of accountability,” Dean wrote in announcing their divorce.

I’ve been trying to save our marriage since 2018, and if I don’t do whatever she asks, she’ll divorce me (sic).

I’ve been a prisoner whose family is used against him if he doesn’t receive all he wants.

Korra Obidi cheated on her husband with Lebanese Nigerian based businessman Joe, who is the boss of Ciroc Nigeria, according to a hacked communication between the ex-couple that recently appeared online.

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When her husband claimed he had forgiven her, Korra Obidi chastised him for repeatedly using the affair against her.

She also chastised him for using derogatory language about her in front of their children.

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Justin responded by saying that he was injured, which is why he says such words.

He claims he was devastated by the divorce and as a result said things to hurt her, but this does not indicate he is a narcissist.

Cutie Julls, the blogger who revealed the chat, claimed that sources told the blog that Joe Nazal called his Lagos nightclub Moist in honor of his three-month-long “serious love” in the bedroom.

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Korra claimed she wore condoms on most times with Joe, according to another source, so it’s not truly cheating.


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