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Pep Guardiola and Lionel Messi donate €1million each to assist fight coronavirus

Manchester City football manager Pep Guardiola alongside Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi have each contributed a whooping €1million to assist Spain and Argentina in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.


According to Spanish media reports, Guardiola sent the cash (equivalent to his monthly wage at Manchester City) to Barcelona Medical College and also the Angel Soler Daniel foundation, a foundation named after a doctor from Santpedor, the town in Barcelona Guardiola hails from.

Guardiola made the financial pledge on Tuesday following an appeal by the inspiration over the weekend because the Spanish government declared a state of emergency on Saturday during a bid to quell the coronavirus pandemic.

Messi, the World’s 2019 footballer of the year, made his own contribution after participating in several campaigns to boost awareness over the past week, highlighting the importance of staying at home and washing hands to avoid the virus from spreading.

According to Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Messi’s donation totals €1million and it’ll be split between two medical centres: Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and another in his native Rosario, Argentina.

The donation will allow both hospitals to shop for more PPE and materials to deal with the large number of patients who are suffering from coronavirus.

Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic made the announcement of Messi’s donation on Twitter on Tuesday night.

“Leo Messi makes a donation for the fight against Covid-19 at the Clinic. Many thanks for your commitment and your support,” it said


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