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Paris knifeman who fatally stabbed four people was ‘trusted’ deaf IT worker


A man who killed four police workers in Paris has been identified as a deaf IT worker who had recently converted to Islam.

Michael Harpon, 45, was shot dead in the French capital after stabbing to death one women and three women at the police headquarters.
Officers said the attack bears some resemblance to other incidents affiliated or carried out by radical terrorist groups.
A source added that an investigation had been launched into ‘a grudge the assailant may have held against his colleagues’, but added that ‘terrorism cannot be ruled out’.
Harpon’s wife Ilham has since been arrested after officers raided their flat in Gonesse, around 12 miles from the attack.
The couple have been married since 2014, and Harpon converted to Islam last year after they welcomed their first child together.
He was born in the Caribbean island of Martinique, a French overseas territory, and has been deaf since childhood.
Colleagues described Harpon as a previously ‘trusted’ employee who had full security clearance and had never caused problems before.
While earlier today a union representative at Loic Travers said he had never caused any problems before.

He said the violence had broken out in an office following an argument that caused Harpon to ‘erupt in anger’, targeting other police others before he was stopped.
A witness described seeing the attacker given three shouted warnings, before he was shot dead.
Four people were killed and one person remains in intensive care, while none of the victims have been identified by name.
As news of the attack broke, President Emmanuel Macron immediately visited the Prefecture in person, along with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.
Armed police also flocked to the area as the headquarters was shutdown and the surrounding streets closed off.


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