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Nigerian mother Engages Her Baby Twins in Serious Talk, Says She Will Sue Them in Viral Video, see reactions.

A Nigerian mother faced her infant twins and questioned them on why they always followed her around the house The babies looking at the woman with innocent faces wondered what could be making her so serious.

Nigerians who reacted to the short clip said it is cute as many ladies stated that they would like to have twins of their own

Motherhood could be very challenging work, mothers should be paid.

A Nigerian mother tired of how her kids follow her everywhere in the house has stirred reactions online. In a short video shared by @gossipmilltv, the mother spoke to the twins in a matter-of-fact manner. She asked them why they keep following her everywhere.

One tried to escape The babies stayed on the floor, wondering why their mother was suddenly serious. The mother said that they kept invading her privacy.

She stated that they still followed her to the toilet. While speaking, one of the babies crawled away from sight. The woman commanded him to come back and he did. While it was such a hilarious sight, it somewhat shows how frustrating parenting could sometimes be.

The twins are so adorable At the time of writing this report, the video has stirred more than 2,000 comments and over 63,000 likes. Vivscomedia compiled some of the reactions below:

nabb.y3 said: “May God bless us with adorable twins to disturb our privacy too.”

aytee_skincare_ said: “That second baby no get time, he be like mom this talk too much jhor. May God bless everyone with fruits of womb IJN.”

namsysilas said:
“Awwwwwww, they are so cute and innocent.”

officalg9ice said: “They got no idea what their mum is talking about though

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