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Nigeria promise to address security issues that led to the US visa restriction

Most Nigerians as express their sadness and anger after the trump administration announce the new visa policy

Nigeria promise to address security issues that led to the US visa restriction

the Nigerian government has placed on Saturday to try and put in security measures to address the issues the trump administration cited in his decision to stop granting immigration visas to citizens of Nigeria.

Nigeria and other three country will no longer be eligible for visa allowing them to live in the United State.

They will still have the permission for tourist and business visas what do Nigerians will be restricted due to most west African countries overstay their visas

29 year old Okorafpr Chimedu, a teacher in warrior, Nigeria, as described the restriction as a collective punishment, Chimedu who has a university degree and also relatives already living in the United States to sponsor him but now he’s fully aware of his odds of relocating are very slim unless something changes

I pray the two Nations will rectify the differences soon so that the restriction will be removed, he said. “As a nation will all need each other to progress in this world” no man is an island of his own.

The United States government said it decided to impose the new visa restrictions on a total of 6 countries that failed to meet the minimum requirements for security measures for travelers identities and whether individual post a national security threat.

Immigrant visas we are mainly the main target because people with those visas are the most difficult to be remove in the United States.

Nigerian president Walmart buhari as established a committee ” to address the recent visa restriction requirements” according to the presidential spokesman Femi Adesina said on Saturday.

Ex-vice president of Nigeria atiku Abu bakr has blamed president muhammadu buhari for the US visa restriction.

The peoples democratic party PDP candidate atiku abubakar said the United States government instead you consider adopting a different measures that individually target those in government positions who have failed in their duties rather than target the entire Nigerian population.


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