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6 ways to Excel as an upcoming artist in Nigeria music industry.

Creating standard audio and audio recordings with the help of technology to get a variety of sounds and music from music is Nigeria’s most advanced music.

Nigeria has the most popular and producing music industry. something among African countries, the Company is full of well-known artists who have excelled both locally and internationally, but many still want to get into the limelight. They are the artists next or literally “what will happen”. your talent or how long you have been in the music industry. Note that “coming” does not underestimate the artist’s performance

Nigeria music industry

Some researchers may refer to “entering the headline” as the best option for the player is coming. However, it is obviously not easy to get into a big line, despite the fact that you have the skills.

This expert provides step-by-step instructions on how to proceed to the next level; Obedience to the instructions below can lead to an coming artist to sign a big deal, even without immediate contact. , not only in music but also in any form of work, dispelling any doubts that might hinder progress.

Check out 6 ways to Excel as an upcoming artist in Nigeria music industry below

Enthusiasm and Passion

Lack of enthusiasm or interest in music brings with it many expectations and egos that are boring from the start. The industry is competitive and full of challenges, someone who is not interested in music will quit later; Of course, some people pursue music without enthusiasm or passion but for money. They expect that any music they produce will be awful, either because they are losing their money or because they are inconsistent.

Use of Social Media

From social media, Nigerian singer Terry Daniel Aweke. by his stage name “Terri”, signed the Starboy record when he covered the Wizkid show, although working with Wizkid was a dream, he never believed the dreams would come true.

Also, Popular Nigerian artist Mayorkun signed up for DMW. when he did a freestyle of Davido ‘The Money’.Featured by Olamide. The influence of social media helped Teni, Picazo Rap and many other artists become leaders.

The media helps connect artists and fans. It also grows your audience in a short period of time.


Loyalty to your sponsors also helps, advertising is there to bridge the gap between artists and their sponsors.

TV shows, radio stations, internet bloggers, digital media platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are the cheapest but most reliable way to promote music among artists coming out newly to the industry.

The fact is that you can not do it alone in the Nigerian music industry. Connecting with other artists for collaborations increases the number of supporters, perhaps through the artist you interact with. For example, TemiladeOpeniyi, popularly known as “Tems,” became famous for her success in “Essence” Wizkid and Drake’s “fountain.”


For your audience, you need stability and constituency to respond to requests for new videos, types of freestyles, or any content you are known for. This step can also help attract new people to social media platforms.

Uniqueness and pattern

How unique is your style, whats your pattern, every artist has his or her own style, this could be the way you sing, your dance styles, your videos, your dressing styles..

Know your Audience

Many rap singers such as Olamide and Ice Prince have switched from rap to R N B songs because they realize this, Nigeria has been experiencing economic stagnation for some time now, fans are worried and need something to do dance; rap You will notice now that music lovers are releasing songs that suit their mood to post on their social media platforms like Twitter and WhatsApp, so they advertise your songs without your knowledge; Upcoming artists should try to bring out such songs that predict the mood of the fans or describe their current situation.

I was not born with a silver spoon, i worked hard to achieve my goals – Actress Omoni Oboli replies Curious Follower

For example, sadness from relationships is common nowadays, many young people do one or two things they regret. There are also young people in need of work, pleasure, religion, or cultural backgrounds who help. Erigga, Joeboy’s “Acohol”, and National Cake (Break Up) by Maxee.  Songs can no longer be emphasized, in Nigeria however, what you say in your song is not very important when people (including guests) are dancing for the song, even in other languages ​​regardless of their songs, perhaps just because the purpose of music is more entertaining than the means of conveying information..

The person you are envious of or Tapping from her blessing might be sleeping with Dogs to make money – Fr. Kelvin Ugwu

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