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I’m sorry for encouraging my sister to stay in her violent marriage for so long — Nancy Umeh, Korra Obidi’s sister

Nancy Umeh, Korra Obidi’s older sister, has taken to Facebook to read a cease and desist letter handed to her by her sister’s former husband, Justin Dean, through his lawyers, warning her to stop defending her sister online.

Nancy claims she urged the dancer to continue in a “abusive” marriage with Justin Dean, for which she has since apologized.

She also claimed that her sister’s estranged husband was attempting to silence her for speaking up for her family.

Nancy also claimed that when she traveled abroad to perform Omugwo after Korra gave birth to her first kid, she noticed that Korra’s money flowed into a joint account she shares with Justin, which she thought was strange.

Nancy warned that for most women, this is the start of financial abuse.

She accused Justin of abuse and then revealed how she persuaded her younger sister to stay in the toxic marriage.

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She claims Justin has tarnished her family’s reputation by accusing her sister of cheating, despite the fact that he has never caught his sister with a guy and her family has remained silent. He is attempting to silence her because she is speaking to defend her sister.

She also said that Justin repeatedly destroyed Korra’s phone because he didn’t like her posting footage on social media.

When the money from her videos started flowing in, she claimed Justin used it to pay off his student loans.

Watch the video below.



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