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My Wife Has Never Put My Pix On Her Dp On My Birthdays Since 10yrs Of Marriage

Since we’ve been married for ten years, my wife has never put my photos on her desktop on my birthdays.

“I’ve tried to overlook some of my wife’s behaviors.. though I’m not the complaining type, but sometimes I see things from different perspectives and think deeply about them, but I’m not quick to come to a conclusion, but this particular issue gives me a lot of concerns, even though I try to overlook them.

I’m the type who is always proud of my wife, to the point where I share images of her on my Facebook Story, WhatsApp, and other platforms even when she isn’t celebrating her birthday, simply to show her how much I adore and admire her.

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I’ve been celebrating my wife’s birthdays since we met ten years ago, using her photographs on my DP for a few days after her birthday.

When it comes to my birthday, my wife has never once uploaded my photos on any platform to celebrate me, even though she is always online doing things I have no idea about.

The most alarming fact is that she does not post images of her children, yet she is eager to post pictures of her sisters or brothers on Whatsapp or Facebook.

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Does this imply that she disapproves of me as her husband or that she doesn’t love me? I’m a really attractive guy… it’s making me nervous because I’m about to confront her about this.

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