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My Husband’s Family Is Sucking Him Dry, lady cries out.

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Lady cries out, my Husband’s Family is sucking him dry due to that he has been neglecting us his immediate family.

Hi, I have been married for 9 years now, the problem I have with my husband is that his family members keep sucking him dry and the way he neglects us his immediate family. 

He is the first child of 7 children, his siblings even the married ladies keep asking him for money. He keeps spending money on them and their husbands.
His brothers keep crying they are broke, they keep leeching off him. 

His two junior brothers that always ask him for money, one of them built a house in Port Harcourt and the other one built a big house in the village. Still they won’t let him rest. 

His married sisters are the worst. If they cough they would call him to send money, every minor thing they would expect money. Just this evening his sister called him to ask for money. We don’t have a house of our own, I keep telling my husband to stop giving in to all their demands and invest the money on something, he would say I am turning him against his family. 

We have 2 kids and I have told him we need to start saving for their future, I pay the electricity bill, foodstuffs, and most times the children school fees, he pays the house rent and rarely keeps money for home upkeep, he sometimes drops two thousand and that’s it for the whole week. He always complains he has no more, but once his family calls him he sends money immediately. 

I have saved enough to buy a land and I am not planning to include his name in the property. I don’t know what to deal with, his family entitlement mentality or the way he neglects the kids and I and treat us like outsiders. 

I am really pissed off and tired.
Sorry for the long post.


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