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My Girl Wants Me To Get My Own Apartment Or She Leaves

A young Nigerian man has cried out over pressure been placed by his girlfriend on him to go an rent his own apartment.

According to him
I have come here to raise this issue because i believe someone must have passed through what i am going through at the moment.

There is this Lady i met in March, she is super classy and has all the curves and looks like a model. What brought us together was just a friendly convo and a friendly tease that i admire her nails and since then she has been all over me.

She asked me if i lived alone and i told her i currently stay with a friend because i just relocated to the city based on job hunting levels. She asked what my plan was and i told her that i would like to first get an apartment while i sort out other things.

I don’t know what exactly she does for a living although she said she sells women hairs, bags and shoes. I have actually seen her post them on her whatsapp.

What surprise me the most was that she doesn’t deny me access to her phone. This made me to loosen my grip a bit regarding my phone privacy.

Then one day, she saw a loan app message requesting me to pay my outstanding debt, she asked me how come and i told her the truth that i was seriously broke and i wanted to take her out.

I wanted the two of us to go swim together and have fun. And that was why i took the loan. She frowned and asked why i was stressing myself to impress her .

She transfered some money to me to offset the debt. it all happened like juju. i am still trying to wrap my head around that.

I am trying my best to fit in with her but something is really off somewhere. I don’t want to assume i know entirely what she does for a living but then, i have grown to really admire her.

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I wouldn’t want to call it love but all my thoughts are always about her nowadays. Like 4 days ago i questioned her about some friends of hers i saw on her icloud and since then she has been giving me tough time.

Lately, she told me point blank that if i cant get my own apartment, she’ll have to stop dating me. she said she is ready to even pay part of the money involved but a nigga got nothing to afford even a face me and face you room.

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I have tried my best to explain to her how i am even surviving and how broke i am to get a 150k self con. She keeps saying i am going to get a job and ill be fine, that i am a man and i will certainly raise the money if she as a lady can raise part of it.

I dont know why she believes so much in that tho cuz i have been very opened to her. My mind has been filled up and i dont have anyone to share it with thats why i brought it here. i have my doubts about her but i love her.

Please pardon any typos, i am writing this straight from my heart

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