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Movie Review: The Blood Covenant, a proof that good acting cannot save a bad film

When you see a title like “The Blood Covenant” in Nollywood, you know what to expect: money rituals, lust for power, and murder.

Let’s see if The Blood Covenant makes an exception, given how much of that we’ve seen on Africa Magic.

The Blood Covenant tells the story of four friends who vowed a blood covenant to never leave each other when they were in secondary school.

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Three of the four were still together years later, however these three (Shawn Faqua, Tobi Bakre, and Uzor Arukwe) remained close friends while their fourth (Alex Ekubo) remained distant.

Alex, on the other hand, was extremely wealthy and making waves in his life, unlike the three others who were suffering in their enterprises.

Uzor and his wife (Erica Nlewedim) threw a party, and Alex showed there, giving him the chance to see his boys again. They all decide to meet up at Alex’s house to catch up, and after Alex offers them a drink, they all fall asleep.

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The three men awoke to find Alex attempting to sacrifice them to the gods, but Alex was slain in self-defense; however, they were unaware that Alex’s death meant the covenant and blood had been transferred to them.

Despite their protests, things start to go well for them, and they are obliged to continue the ritual from where Alex had left off.

Everything appeared to be going well until Uzor was requested to sacrifice his remaining two siblings in order to continue raising his own money.

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Was he successful in achieving his goal? When you see the movie, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

The Blood Covenant follows the same plot as every other home video we’ve ever seen. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing out of the ordinary.

The concerning thing is that, while there are no fresh stories, there are certainly better ways to tell the same story, but The Blood Covenant was not one of them.

Also, the plot looked disjointed, as if the writer was attempting to accomplish multiple goals in the limited time he or she had to tell the story.

Tobi Bakre’s ordeal, for example, could have been described in greater detail. However, without giving too much away, “The Blood Covenant” has an unorganized plot.

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The direction was adequate, and with a stronger storyline, the director could have done even better.

However, I’m curious as to how Erica could track them down to such a remote jungle when neither of them was aware they were being followed. That was far from realistic.

The only good thing in The Blood Covenant is the acting. Regardless of how angry you are about the storyline, you will find solace in the impeccable acting.

The three men, Shawn Faqua, Tobi Bakre and Uzor Arukwe did really good. Also, seeing Erica Nlewedim of Big Brother take up her role so well is nothing worthy of note.

Olaiya Igwe is undoubtedly a fantastic actor, and Omowunmi Dada, that lady, has a way of blessing your screen every time you watch her. Finally, Chimezie Imo is one really good actor I love to see on screen.

Since the actors were able to hold the film, The Blood Covenant might be something you wouldn’t mind seeing, but for ratings, it will get a 5/10

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