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Movie Review: ‘Before valentine’ is a Nollywood disaster

Given that we are in the midst of Valentine’s Day, a movie title like “Before Valentine” conjures up warm feelings. More like, we’re about to have a lovey-dovey movie experience, but alas! So, what did we get in its place?

The film “Before Valentine’s” was set in a hairdressing salon and explored the lives of the salon’s four hairdressers. One thing they all had in common was that they were all living false lives, and the story revolves around how each of their secrets was revealed.

Sugar, the slay queen who claimed her mother and nephew are in the United States and will be visiting her in Nigeria for Valentine’s Day. Her mother, on the other hand, was on her way from the village, and everything went wrong when her mother got lost. Sugar also had Nosa, a young man who was madly in love with her and would go to any length to have her, but Sugar had her sights set on someone else. So, how did that go for Sugar?

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Then there’s Chika, the Christian sister with a Christian brother boyfriend, and everything seemed to be just fine with her until her boyfriend comes to propose to her on Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be her birthday, and she declines. Why? is the question.

Tamara appeared to have the ideal marriage: a hot, wealthy husband who drives her to work every day and lavishes her with gifts. Is Tamara’s marriage ideal?
Finally, the only male hairdresser dresses and acts like a lady while attempting to persuade people, particularly his girlfriend, that he is not gay.

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Before Valentine’s lacks a compelling storyline and plot. Before Valentine’s feels like a love story for high school students, and if you like intelligent stories, you might freak out watching it.

Also, did the author experiment with creating comic scenes? That was a mistake because there are only two funny scenes in the film. The most irritating aspect of the film is the writer’s attempt to bring in celebrities, which, based on the plot, were unnecessary. I’m still perplexed as to why Shaffy Bello, Dr. SID, and DJ Sose were cast in that film! Whewww!!

The film’s direction is adequate, and one can’t really blame the director because there was little he could do with the storyline.

The acting was only adequate and, to be honest, below par. Actors like Bolajiu Ogunmola, on the other hand, managed to stand out in the film and light up the almost exhausting scenes with their energy. Other notable actors included Baaj Adebule and Yvonne Jegede. Uche Nwaefuna and Meg Otanwa both performed admirably. Overall, the acting wasn’t particularly good.

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Before Valentine’s Day’s costume and makeup are excellent, so kudos to them. If there was anything in the film that added color to it, it was this. The scenery is also charming, which adds to the film’s appeal.

Overall, the Nollywood film Before Valentine’s is artistically beautiful but creatively deficient. It will receive a 3/10 rating.

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