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Issac Boro Day: Diri, Ijaw leaders, IYC demand unity, tighter security over Alamajirai

Isaac Boro

As the Niger Delta marked the 52nd anniversary of the death of Ijaw war hero, the late Major Isaac Adaka Boro, prominent Ijaw leaders, including Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri and Ijaw Youth Congress (IYC), have called for unity of the Ijaws and tighter security at the borders to see the influx of aliens and Alamajirai into their territories.

They equally rejected any arrangement of amalgamation of any kind involving the Igbo’s Biafra and therefore the Yoruba’s Oduduwa Republic, noting that Isaac Boro’s declaration of Niger Delta Republic still stands.

Speaking at the wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate Boro’s death, Diri said the celebration of Adaka Boro should be another opportunity for Ijaws everywhere in the world to unite and fight common enemies.

He said: “Various ethnic groups are putting up structures, putting up security outfits to defend their ethnic nationalities.

We all know that Nigeria may be a heterogeneous society made from several ethnic groups.

“I call on all Ijaws wherever they’re , to come back together. Our strength is in our unity, to recollect today and know we hold it a responsibility not only to ourselves, but also to our children and those yet unborn, that the only way we will withstand the present Nigeria movement is by being united.


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