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I Think We Have Our Winner: Kizz Daniel Reacts As Baby in Diapers Joins Buga Challenge, Video Trends

I believe we have a winner: Kizz Daniel’s Reaction to a Baby in Diapers Participating in the Buga Challenge, Video Trends

After taking part in the popular Buga challenge, a baby girl’s dance moves went viral on social media.

The infant may have won the challenge, according to Nigerian artist Kizz Daniel, who published the footage on his social media page. Many people have gushed over the video, saying she deserved to win the challenge because she danced like a pro.

Video of a cute little girl in a black gown and her father performing a waist dance goes viral.

Kizz Daniel, a Nigerian musician, recently uploaded a video of a baby girl in diapers taking part in the viral Buga challenge. Kizz Daniel claimed in a statement that the newborn girl may have won the challenge since she danced like a pro.

The baby was seen dancing in delight, which has many people gushing on social media.

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