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I See My Wife As Another Man’s Wife – Nigeria Man cries out

A man has shared what he is currently going through in his marriage, in a viral post shared online by his friend stated our he has been dreaming of seeing his wife always with another strange man like she is married to him and he has the husband would stand by and watch them both helplessly like a stranger in the dream.

The post has since generated alot of reactions online, According to the man he needed help of how to solve this issue currently going on in his marriage.

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see post and reactions below.

Hi all a friend of mine tells me he sees his wife always in dreams with another strange Man like she is married to him and he as the husband would stand by and watch them both like a stranger in that dream.

They both have been married for 10 years now but these dreams have been occurring at least every week since last years November 2021.
Can anyone please advise, both the Spiritual and Physical implications.


nod25 : might be seeing another man.
Check well
Naso l de dream about my husband then .
The dream will be so real that when l told him he will say which girl.until l caught him.
Pray God will expose whatever it is.
Naso l do 3 days prayer bc on my own l couldn’t have caught him d way l did but God did d magic.

mufasa lion:
It ain’t spiritual. The nigga probably is suspecting the wife for infidelity and his subconscious mind is making him to believe so.

Y’all should stop being ignorant.


Pastors and religious leaders will keep feeding fat until people start being logical.

May be your wife don dey sedibalabala grin

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