I hope you didn’t mind me embracing your wife’ – Nigerian teen who hugged Meghan Markle writes letter to Prince Harry

    A Nigerian youngster, Aker Okoye who stood out as truly newsworthy after he embraced Meghan Markle during her surprise visit to his east London school, has composed a letter to Prince Harry to apologize for “nestling” his better half.


    The Dutchess visited the Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham on Friday to check International Women’s Day, in what was her last independent commitment as a working individual from the Royal Family, however it was the awed AkerOkoye who captured everyone’s attention when he inclined in to give the Duchess an embrace – a lot to the entertainment of his colleagues.


    Okoye who is the head kid of his school, got an upbeat adulation when he limited in front of an audience to grasp the Duchess of Sussex after she inquired as to whether anybody needed to give a discourse.

    While talking in front of an audience, Okoye welcomed Meghan and told his kindred students: “She truly is wonderful. I needed to talk reality there.”

    With a grin, Meghan commended Aker’s “extraordinary certainty”.

    Talking with The Sun, the 16-year-old who uncovered that it was ‘the greatest day of his life up until this point’ told the news outlet: “I’ve composed the letter to ensure Harry doesn’t have an issue with it and to state sorry truly and that I trust he wouldn’t fret.

    He additionally demanded Meghan discovered his overeager methodology ‘amusing’.

    “Meghan thought that it was interesting and I’m certain Harry will also. At the point when she asked which valiant youngster needed to do a discussion I seized the opportunity.

    “I jumped up there. I figured it would be legitimate convention to give her a nestle. It’s each of the a haze.”

    As indicated by Okoye, he was “captivated” by the open door “to talk before somebody so celebrated and significant.”

    In the letter, distributed by The Sun, Okoye said;

    ‘Dear Harry and Meghan. Harry, trust you don’t worry about me composing this letter,’ he composed.

    ‘I trust you didn’t worry about me snuggling your better half. I was simply overpowered and stunned to see her show up at my school.

    ‘It was a joy to hear her discourse and to talk before her also. She is genuinely uplifting.’

    Okoye likewise told the Sun that he was ‘fortunately single’ as he had ‘no thought’ how a sweetheart would have responded to his experience with the Duchess.

    The young person additionally said he would have liked to meet Harry one day, and wished the imperial couple “good karma for the future” as they step over from senior regal obligations

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