Human Right Activist, Mubarak Bala Arrested for Blasphemy.

    Human Right Activist, Mubarak Bala Arrested for Blasphemy.

    You will feel the Nigerian government will be more concerned with fighting the Covid-19 pandemic at this time and not chasing after.

    Someone who wishes to express his right and freedom of religion, wrong! Human Activist Mubarak Bala was arrested for the Crime of Blasphemy for speaking against

    religions and more specifically not acknowledging the Islamic religion. this issue started from a Facebook post Mubarak Bala made on 27th April 2020, which he wrote.

    Religion is not a person, Long dead people are dead, Gods do not exist, so why fear analysis and critique on works attributed to them?
    Tha t was enough to get the attention of some Muslim lawyers who collectiovely put together a legal petition to the police station to accuse Mubarak Bala of blasphemy despite the fact that Mubarak Bala was born into a muslim Islamic family. You can see their petition below:

    Mubarak%2BBala%2BPetition 1

    Some muslims have condemned the arrest of Mubarak Bala while quoting the Quran, a particular muslim stated that Blasphemy was not meant to be punished by the laws in the Quran, see the references he shared below:


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