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How to Make Money Blogging in 2022 ($150k in Year One)

Are you looking for an easy companion on how to start a blog? You can Make Money Blogging using the following principle

The step-by- step companion on this runner will show you how to create your own blog in 20 twinkles with just the most introductory computer chops.

After completing this companion you’ll have a beautiful blog that’s ready to partake with the world.

This companion is made especially for newcomers. I’ll walk you through each and every step, using plenitude of filmland and vids to make it all impeccably clear.

Before anything differently, the first step is starting a blog by copping web hosting.

Then’s my favorite freshman setup at the smallest cost with the stylish features ( grounded on my 10 times of experience)

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1. Click here to visit and click on Get Started Now.

2.Choose the Choice Plus Plan.

3. Enter the domain name you need to use (i.e.

4. Enter your account information.

5. Enter Package Information, pick an account plan primarily based totally on how lengthy you need to py. (Remember, there’s a 30-day cash-again assure with all plans, so no risk!)

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6. Uncheck the Package Extras (you don’t want them.)

7.Complete your purchase, pick your password, and login on your Bluehost account.

8. Answer the onboarding questions or bypass them, however pick “weblog” while prompted.

8. Click “bypass” in terms of selecting your theme.

9. (We’ll get that taken care of out later.)

10. From the Bluehost dashboard, click on the WordPress button at the pinnacle proper and also you’ll be taken to WordPress.

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Congrats! You now have a self-hosted WordPress weblog! Now let’s scale your new weblog like a startup and make actual cash blogging.

Choose Your Blog’s Niche Based on Market Factors, Not Your Passions. There’s a motive that 95% of bloggers fail, and it’s now no longer why you think.

Make Money Blogging

The modern-day fantasy is that bloggers fail due to the fact they aren’t “passionate enough.” “Push via failure to succeed,” they say. Google “why bloggers fail,” and also you get the identical solution from the number 1 result:

bloggers fail due to the fact they aren’t passionate enough.

I formally reject this notion. The actual motive bloggers fail is the identical motive that any commercial enterprise fails: it’s now no longer profitable. Take my passions, for example. I’m enthusiastic about a whole lot of things – drumming, flying airplanes, traveling, astronomy, distance running, private development, Detroit-fashion pizza, etc. However, if I wrote an countless quantity of weblog posts approximately such a subjects with out making any cash, I’d burn out 100% of the time.

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Additionally, a few bloggers claim, “I’m now no longer in it for the cash” or, “It’s only a hobby.”

Hobby bloggers are simply new bloggers that don’t understand a way to make cash yet. In any innovative virtual field – whether or not it’s design, net development, photography, copywriting, or video editing – there are novices and experts. And because maximum bloggers begin as novices with the aid of using writing approximately a ardour and try and parent the whole thing else out later, they’re destined to fail.

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