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Facebook com what you need to know has a content creator 2022

Facebook com as been one of the biggest social media platform where people share their thoughts, emotions, and ideas with their love ones.

Although, Facebook as been a place of fun for some people while for others a place where they earn a living from, so in this brief article we will discuss how you can start earning as a Facebook user using the Facebook for Content creator tool below.

Creator Studio

Manage, post, monetise and monitor videos across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts from one central location.

The Creator Studio tool helps you as a Facebook com use to help manage your post, monetise and monitor videos across your Facebook pages and Instagram account from a particular or a central location.

Before becoming a Content Creator first of all you will need to become a page owner, which is totally free to create.

Facebook page

Facebook page helps you to share ideas, pictures, article and videos about your company, organisation.

Steps on how to create a Facebook

Before creating a page first of all you must have a Facebook account, if you don’t have a Facebook account yet you can sign up for one.

1. Click on the drop-down arrow on the tool bar which is located at the top- right hand side on your Facebook


2. Click create Page

Facebook com

3. Choose whichever fits your organisation e.g Brand, Business, Community or Public Figure then click get started.

Facebook com

4. Enter a page name and the category then click continue

Facebook com

5. Upload a profile picture and a cover photo for your page.

Facebook com

6. At this point your page is almost ready, you can customise your page and also invite people to like it, you can also create post and more.

Facebook com

Once you are through with the above step, visit the creator studio tab, Note if you already have a page, you can skip the above steps and move straight to the creator studio tab.

In other to have full access to all the tools in the creator studio you must be an admin on the Facebook page you manage

Facebook in Creator Studio

Your Facebook Page role will determine what you can access, see and do in Creator Studio. Some features that may or may not be visible to you:

Monetisation tab

You’ll only see some features specific to in-stream ads, Subscriptions and Brand Collabs Manager if you’re an admin of Pages already using those tools. (If you’re not already using those tools, you can still check your monetisation eligibility status and onboard eligible Pages).

Rights Manager tab

Rights Manager features will only be visible if you’re already approved for Rights Manager. If you’re not, you’ll see an option to apply.

What is Facebook Creator Studio and How to Use it for Business

Facebook’s Creator Studio is a dashboard that lets content creators and people engaged in Facebook marketing manage their Facebook pages and/or Instagram content at no cost.

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And if you manage social media for more than one business, it lets you view all your pages in one place.

It lets creators monetize their online creations and helps facilitate collaborations between brands and influencers, offering creative tools such as scheduling, community management, and social media analytics.

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