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E never reach like dat bros: Man seizes bank printer, demands his money in video

In military-style, a Nigerian man entered a commercial bank, grabbed a printer and demanded he must be attended to
According to the story, the man whose identity is not known as at press time said the bank is owing him money even as he did not mention the amount

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As he was opening the security door to leave, people were calling, trying to persuade him to stop, but the man insisted he must be attended to

A Nigerian man took the bull by the horn as he entered a commercial bank and took hold of one of their printing machines, demanding he is attended to.

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The man was seen in a trending video leaving with the electronic device but people pleaded with him to stop. He then asked if the bank was ready to attend to him.

Bank owes him money

According to information gleaned from the video, the man claimed that the bank owed him money and that they have refused to give it to him or attend to him for two months now.

Nigeria Man

When he opened the security door to leave the bank with the printer, some persons tried persuading him to ditch the idea. He then stopped and asked:

“Are you people ready t o attend to me now?”

The man however said no one should beg him. It was not known if he lent the bank some money or if he is having issues with his deposit and withdrawal. The video was shared on Instagram by @gossipmilltv.

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