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Donald Tober Net worth, wife, family, other updated 2022

Donald Tober was an American business mogul who made Sweet ’N Low a household name in the US and Mexico. Although the business was started by his father, Harry Tober, Donald was able to move the company beyond expectance.

Since his death in January 2021, many have been searching to know further about Donald Tober, everything he achieved, his death, among others.

This article is concentrated on everything to know about Donald Tober.

Profile Summary

Name:  Donald Tober
Date of birth: 1931
Age:  89
Marital status:  Married to BarbaraD. Tober 1973
Education: University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Law School
Company: Sugar Food Corps
Company worth$:  286 million
Father: Harry Tober
Residence: Luxury upper east side apartment, New York
Death: 15th January 2021
Known for Chairman:  Sugar Food Corps, Sweet N’ Low

Donald Tober’s Biography

He was born in the year 1931, still, there are no details of his birth month and day. The name of his father is Harry Tober, a businessman who started Sugar Food Corps in 1948 when Donald was 17 to distribute sugar in America and Mexico.

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Not much is known about Donald Childhood except for the fact that he was serious about being educated.

Donald Tober is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School.


After finishing Harvard Law School, he practised law for some period and also joined his father’s Sugar Food Corps in the 1970s; there are no details on the exact day and month.

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Donald Tober joining his father’s company was a massive turnabout that brought about development in terms of popularity and assets.

This is because, in themid-1990s, the use of Sweet N’ Low rose across the US among food service establishments.
It soon held 80 of the market and was considered an alternative to sugar. Donald also helped Sweet N’ Low become the dependence on kitchen counters and eatery tables across the US.

Donald Tober was also among those that push for artificial sweetener in eateries across the world.

Although Sugar Food Corps has stopped distributing Sweet ’N Low over fifteen years ago, it presently produces a range of sweeteners and other products for supermarkets and foodservice diligence under the N’Joy and Almond Breeze product lines.


Donald Tober was married to Barbara Tober, who was the editor-in- chief of Brides magazine for three decades. Barbara was also a former trustees board chair at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan.

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Until his death in January 2021, the couple lived together on the 11th structure floor of their luxury apartment in New York.


According to the report, Donald Tober committed self-murder by jumping to his death from his 11th Floor Building located in New York on the 15th of January 2021. The reports claimed he jumped from his apartment in the early morning hours after struggling with Parkinson’s disease, which is popular among aged grown-ups.

Donald’s body was latterly spotted in the yard of the building, situated between 65th and 66th street on the Upper East Side in New York.

Net worth

There are no details on Donald Tober’s net worth; still, his company Sugar Food Corps reportedly has a net worth of$ 285 million.

Although Donald Tober is gone, his business wit would always be remembered for cycles to come.

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