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Davido boasts, “I made over a million dollars in a day.

Davido, a Nigerian singer, is undoubtedly in a foul mood as a result of the abuse he has experienced from his peers.

The musician, who has yet to recover from his teammates’ rejection of his FIFA victory, has taken his rage out on an inquisitive troll.

The troll had inquired as to why he was sweating so much during his performance.

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In retribution, the star stated that his appearance at the FIFA World Cup draw event and a spot on the World Cup theme song earned him over a million dollars.

He inquired about her day, mocking the troll.

“Why are you in such a panic, 003?”

“Panic?” Davido responded. What if I told you that I made over a million dollars today? “How did your day go?”

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The music crooner returns to his social media profile to brag about his recent achievement, according to Vivsco media.

OBO ridiculed Nigerians for not making it to FIFA just hours after making Nigerians proud by singing the 2022 World Cup soundtrack titled “Hayya Hayya” (Better Together) with Trinidad Cardona and AISHA.

In a video uploaded by Davido’s Lawyer prince, the couple can be seen celebrating their recent triumph.

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Prince insulted Super Eagles, claiming they didn’t qualify for the World Cup, to which Davido replied that he did.

Nigerians did not qualify for the World Cup, according to Prince.

Davido said, “But I did.”

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