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Davido Blows Hot After Troll Called Ifeanyi Peruzzi’s Son, Singer Calls Him a Dead Man Walking, Fans React.

Top Nigerian singer, Davido, has lost his cool on social media after a troll, Mdee, attacked his son The troll fired shots at Ifeanyi on Twitter and claimed that he was fathered by Peruzzi and not Davido

Davido responded to the troll and called him a dead man walking while noting that his children are off limits

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido, has had it out with a Twitter troll, @Mista_Mdee, who fired shots at his son, Ifeanyi.

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Twitter has always been described as a place not meant for the fainthearted and Mdee seemed to bite more than he could chew after attacking Davido’s son.


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The online troll claimed that Davido used Peruzzi’s son, Ifeanyi, on his album cover and that it doesn’t guarantee success.

Not stopping there, he added that Davido had stained the innocent child’s white with the disaster he called an album.

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