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Davido and Chioma Once Again Unfollow Each Other on Social Media, Fans React

Davido, a Nigerian artist, and Chioma, his third baby mother, have once again created a sensation on social media.

The celebrity ex-couple has now unfollowed each other on social media, prompting a flurry of fascinating responses.

This comes only a few weeks after Davdio and Chioma were seen partying together in London, among other lovey-dovey activities.

Following a fresh development, the reunion of popular Nigerian artist Davido and his third baby mother, Chioma, looks to have reached a snag.

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Both parties have recently been discovered to have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

A quick glance at Davido’s page reveals that his ex-girlfriend and son’s mother, Chioma, is no longer on his list of people to follow.

Davido and chioma

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In a similar vein, Chioma’s Instagram account no longer lists Davido as one of the individuals she follows.

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