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Davido and Chioma 5 times they sparked make-up speculations on social media.

When Davido sang assurance for his third baby mama, Chioma Rowland, and even gave her her first cameo appearance in the video, Nigerians reacted with a lot of ‘God when?’ statements.

When it was assumed that things had soured between them despite the fact that neither party issued a statement, it sparked a social media frenzy for days.

Nigerians have been speculating for months that the couple is back together as a couple, but have decided to keep it quiet.

Again, neither Davido nor Chioma has issued a statement announcing their reconciliation, but Nigerians are convinced that they are back together as they piece together bits and pieces of ambiguous information.

1. The second birthday of Ifeanyi

Chioma’s decision to throw a private first birthday party for her son in the absence of Davido sparked controversy on social media. Davido, on the other hand, threw a lavish party for his son, with Chioma in attendance, and their fans concocted various excuses for the first party. The parents worked together to throw a beautiful birthday party for their son.

2. Davido raves about Chioma’s cooking.

Chioma isn’t called Chef Chi for nothing, and her baby daddy, Davido, is well aware of this. The singer couldn’t help but express his admiration for one of her recipes. Chioma also commented on Davido’s post.

3. Saint Valentine’s Day

Davido piqued Nigerians’ interest when he boasted about spending N11.6 million on luxury items. Fans of the singer couldn’t help but wonder for whom he purchased a specific designer bag. While some people guessed Sophia, the majority chose Chioma

4. Davido attends the wedding of Chioma’s sister.

After attending her sister’s wedding, the Fem crooner gave fans plenty of reason to believe he is back with his third baby mama. The singer not only performed at the event, but he also spent several bundles of naira notes on the dancefloor.

5. Chioma dey arrive

This statement above provided fans with yet another indication that Davido and his assurance are back together.

The singer was heard telling actress Eniola Badmus that Chioma would be joining them at E-lavish money’s 40th birthday party.

We’d love to see more genuine Davido and Chioma content from both of them, but if the couple has decided to avoid a romantic relationship, we hope the come back together

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