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Dad keeps quiet has Daughter Dance to disturb his Rest with DropItChallenge. see video below

A young lady decided to disturb her dad’s rest with the recent DropItChallenge, the daugter who made some energetic dance moves to distract her father from his quiet time has cause alot of reaction on social media.

Some social media users has reacted why the man did not react to his daughter trying to disturb him despite her loud dance.

A Social media quickly notice the father was putting on asernal jersey and decided to conclude that the was very patient because he is a fan of Arsenal.

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In a normal Nigera parenting style, not all Nigerian parents will tolorate that, depite the father trying to have some quiet time.

The man kept quiet, shocking social media users Many social media users congratulated the lady for having such a loving dad who would allow her to play around him in peace.

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But one particular commenter noticed that the man was wearing an Arsenal jersey. The social media user quickly concluded that the man must be an Arenal fan. He said fans of the English side are usually very patient.

@king_slimxy said:

“He’s an arsenal fan nah… They’re patient people.” A similar comment from

@kulkat_: “Na arsenal matter dey old man head first.”

Watch the video below:

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