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Covid-19 Vaccine Has Fertility Effect – Ghanaian Journalist Bridget Otoo Gives Shocking Reason She’s Not Taking COVAX

Bridget Otoo

Ghanaian Journalist Bridget Otoo has made a shocking revelations about the available Covid-19 Vaccine in Ghana, COVAX saying the vaccine has greater effect on fertility and possible to render women barren.

Taking to the microblog Twitter, the GHOne Journalist made a brief video clip on her page and gave reasons why she has rescinded her decision of taking the corona virus vaccine unlike her colleague media personalities have taken already.

According to her, there’s two reasons she’s not taking the covid-19 for now, perhaps.

Her first reason was that, her doctor asked her to wait for the vulnerable to take it first because the vaccine is not in number to appreciate all citizens.

Her second reason, which is the prime of her reason of not taking the vaccine is that, her sister ’s doctor told her to not take the vaccine because her big sister wants to have a child.

According to Bridget Otoo, the doctor’s reason is that, there is not enough evidence the vaccine is safe and has no effect on fertility and render women barren. In so, the doctor is speculating that the Covid-19 vaccine, of which COVAX is the only available drug in Ghana for now, has the potential to make women barren.


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