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Covid-19 has affected spiritual, social, economic well-being – Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, said on Saturday that the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic hd taken a heavy blow on Nigerian’s, disrupting their spiritual, social and economic well-being.

According to his Eid-el-Fitri message to Muslims “Buhari said the pandemic “put a damper on what would otherwise have been a time of celebration for the Muslim faithful to mark the end of the Ramadan fasting period.”

He noted that, ‘ For the first time in so many years the Covid-19 virus has taken a heavy blow on the people spiritual, social and economic lives.’

He Urged all Muslims to be in high spirits and should always remain strong in faith.

Showing an example of how the Covid-19 virus has affected Muslims, the president said “ The year 2020 fasting was particularly challenging for Muslims because they had to leave many important aspects of their daily worship, including the routine congregational prayer, recitation me interpretation of the Holy Qur’an as well as travelling for the pilgrimage to Makkah”

The message,  signed by his Spokesman, Mr Garba Shehu,  Water further “it is not easy to give up may activities and duties, but it became compulsory to do so in order to stop the press if the pandemic virus.”

Muhammadu Buhari Commended All Nigerian’s for living with the measures his government introduced to limit the spread of the virus.

He said ” Let me use this time and Opportunity to Commend the Great Sacrifice if both Muslims and Christians for their Cooperation in the enforcement of the social distancing orders.

I am very much aware of the inconveniences these strict measures have brought to the lives in Nigerian’s, including limiting
Religious gathering and activities in large numbers. No Government will intentionally impose these tough and demanding measures on its citizens if it had a choice.


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