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Cheating Students Implants Bluetooth Device Into Own Ears During Final Exam

A serial failure was apprehended when he inserted a Bluetooth device into his own ear to cheat on an exam in India. The students was apprehended when an unannounced team of external supervisors arrived at the school.

When the external examiners frisked him, they discovered a mobile phone speaker implanted in his ear.

According to Dean of the Medical College, Sanjay Dixit, one of the students, who is studying medicine at a private university, was writing the exam at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College when he was apprehended with a mobile phone in the inner pocket of his trouser connected to a Bluetooth device.

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How the students were apprehended

According to the Independent, school authorities were unable to recover the Bluetooth device while searching the student, whose name has not been revealed by the university.

Dixit stated that one of the students was taking the General Medicine exam with 13 others on Monday, February 21, 2022, when external supervisors arrived unannounced and discovered one student with a mobile phone and another with a Bluetooth device.

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According to Dixit, the students purposefully concealed the devices because they were required to turn in all electronic devices in their possession to the invigilators. After the investigation is completed, it will be known if the case can be transferred to the police for using unfair means in an exam, according to the deputy registrar, Rachna Thakur, who was present with the external invigilators

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Renu Jain, vice-chancellor of the invigilator team, stated that the microphones were surgically implanted in both students’ ears. He stated that cases had been prepared against both students and that a DAVV Committee would make a decision in this case.

Students being caught in mass cheating or using devious means to avoid being caught is not uncommon in India, where candidates outnumber vacancies for jobs and seats in colleges for courses.

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