America-Based Nigerian Prophetess, Funmilayo Adebayo Land In Big Trouble.

    America-Based Nigerian Prophetess, Funmilayo Adebayo Land In Big Trouble.

    Popular celestial church prophetess Funmilayo Adebayo popularly referred to as Iya English isn’t within the best of times at the instant.

    Information from California state where she now hibernates has it that the lady must have chewed more than she will swallow as things have started crumbling in her face.

    A very reliàble source informed this magazine of how Iya English has been running from on celestial church to the opposite with no remedy to her concern of asylum application she filed with the America’s Homeland Security as she faces imminent deportation.

    America-Based Nigerian Prophetess, Funmilayo Adebayo Land In Big Trouble.

    According to a top celestial parishoner who prefers to stay anonymous in Los Angeles ‘Iya English is just a devilish woman which will hardly get favour from God except she modifies her ways’ adding that she has been excommunicated in many parishes within the past.

    It was gathered that few years ago, Iya English and parish head of Trinity Terbanacle, in Lagos, Owatunde Marshal had altercation over allegation that the Prophetess features a hand within the death of a fellow church member.

    Shortly after the incident she left Nigeria for America where she claimed asylum as a widow being persecuted at home over inheritance, a case that has been established to be hoax.

    While within the US, Iya English, a moniker for her deficiency in English language, joined Goodness and Mercy parish of celestial church of Christ in Oakland and was sent away after some months over allegation of causing disaffection within the church with fake prophecies.

    News of the People garhered that she later joined another parish in San Diego where she was equally sent packing when she allegedly demanded to be paid one-half of the tithes because accordingto her she was ‘super woman of spirit’
    It was the disagreement that forced her to relocate to Los Angeles and joined Hisbah Beulah parish and sort of a leopard which will never change its spots, another trouble ensued with a fight for all between Iya English and the wife of the head of the parish.

    Perhaps the aggravation that broke the camel’s back was when she was summarily dismissed from her healthcare assistant job over inconsistent documentation with immigration details.

    At the instant , Iya English isn’t only fighting for her life, her grandson Ahmed Adesina whom he helped facilitated to return to the US has also been declared wanted for a criminal matter.

    It was learnt that Ahmed is being wanted in Nigeria over alleged murder as a cultist in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun state.

    While the case was ongoing, Ahmed was procured an American visa as son of a popular monarch in Osun state.

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