Abuja based Pastor Dr. JS Yusuf Anoints Pant/Bra With A Print Of His Face to attract Men

    An Abuja based Pastor Dr. JS Yusuf has introduced anointed underwears with a print of his face to draw in men for marriages for the single ladies seeking for life partners in 2020.

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    The anointed underwears is claimed to be blessed as instructed by God to the Senior Pastor of Touch for Recovery Outreach Int’l, Abuja to release marriages in the New Year.

    The underwears are said to also help women from related diseases and provides them good luck with men.

    He added “wearing them will make men check out you on the streets and will want to marry you”.

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    He qouted Num. 23:20 which says “Behold I have received the commandment to bless; and he hath blessed, and that i cannot reverse”.

    Congratulations to each woman buying these underwears.

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