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A young Nigerian man takes images of an elderly man and sells them for nearly N1 million in cryptocurrency

Adisa Olashile, a young Nigerian photographer, has made a fortune from images he took of an elderly man.

Adisa minted the same photos on OpenSea a few days after taking them and sold them for 0.6Eth for $2,098.32. (N2,042,440.72)

Many Nigerians who commented to his tweet wanted to know how they could start their own NFTs and make money quickly.

Davido boasts, “I made over a million dollars in a day.

Adisa said he shot images of an old drummer he typically sees on his way to CDS in an earlier tweet on Friday, April 1.

How he made money out of them

On Saturday, April 2, the talented photographer went online to explain that he had created Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and sold them for 0.3 Ethereum each on OpenSea.

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The Eth/USDT pairing was $3497.33 (N2,042,440.72) at the time of writing this story, and 0.3 of the same currency was selling for $1049.19 on Binance. With two units sold, 0.3 Eth would be worth $2,098.32 (N1,225,418.88)

I’ll give him half of what I have.

Adisa stated that he will give the man half of the money he makes from the mints. Please keep in mind that the price of cryto is highly volatile, and price captures may alter at any time.

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