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A Message to those who fill sad when there mutual friends and love one’s don’t Celebrate there birthdays on there personal handle’s. – Meli Owogbokone Paul

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According to Paul Meli — Sometime It saddens my heart when I see Angelina’s an Angeliguys, frown and complain bitterly, about their mutual friends, siblings, cousin, and love ones.

When they don’t celebrate there birthday on there personal social handles.

They conclude quickly in their mind that, there mutual friends and love ones hear on this social space don’t love them for not celebrate there day.

Oya! Let me ‘story’ you, on some hard fact about myself on birthday Anniversary.

The Koko of that day on my birthday twenty fifth (25) January was so mind blowing. I woke up as every birthday Angeliguy so gloomy, excited so to see sweet encomium of message on my Facebook timeline from the over one thousand(1k) mutual friends I have.

But to my greatest shock of the century, I can recall only Five mutual friends that mark my day on there timelines what about my WhatsApp platform it was no go area guest what! Just three persons. Oya! Let me shock you further, you would be asking me? What about you siblings and cousins.

So you are telling me non celebrated you on there personal social space? Yes! No one celebrated me on there timelines.

I repeat!!! no one. I was mesmerize, flabbergast, infuriated an piffle about it. But hold done! The love outside of this social space was massive on that day of my birth Anniversary. So much goodies with my favorite food, fried beans&garri(guffaws!) on that’s day.

That the buss of this lengthy write up. So don’t fill bad when your mutual friends or love ones don’t celebrate you on there personal social Handles. I believe this will help you in one way or other to examine your self about social media birthday ‘Wahala’

Special thanks to those who spend time to personally celebrate their mutual friends and love one. May God bless you richly. For putting smiles to there faces.


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