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10 Disgraceful Attitudes BBNaija Fans Normally Exhibit By Tosyne2much –

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Nigerian popular Content Writer, Tosyne2much
has come again drawing the attention of people to the disgraceful attitudes usually exhibited by some BBNaija fans
1. They abuse a lot
You just can’t expect everyone to like BBNajja but reverse is the case to some radical fans of this show who are always caught in the act of raining abusive words on anyone who holds some kind of resentment towards the show. BBNaija supporters are known to always throw tantrums against one another, especially on social media and you will begin to wonder if they’re ever going to be paid for it
2. “Attention seeking” Generosity
Some people spend thousands or millions of Naira just to vote the candidate of their choice but it’s such a pity that the same people will hardly render financial assistance to their own parents or siblings. They tell those who are dire need of help to go and hustle while their generosity is only limited to BBNaija housemates.

3. Vague Promises
Since the Nigerian youth attention is always diverted during the period of the show, some people (celebrities inclusive) always use that as a leverage to make vague promises so that they will trend. They however make vague promises to evicted housemates or the possible winner after which they will later deny these promises.
4. Wrong Priorities
Nigerian youth are the only people on earth who give a lot of attention to something that deserves less attention. The attention of the Nigerian youth is always shifted from corrupt leaders and unemployment down to who will win Bbnaija and who is going to be evicted.
5. Canvassing votes for people as if they will be rewarded
After the show what’s next? Most of the housemates will probably get endorsement from different brands and will be on the news for a while after which most of them will go into oblivion. During voting period some people borrow as many sim cards as possible just to retain their candidates in the house but it’s such a pity that the same people can’t even solicit funds for anyone who is suffering from a life claiming disease
6. Poor sense of judgment
Many will agree with me Tosyne2much that some supporters of this show always support vices committed by their candidate. They will make every a morally bankrupt candidate look like a person worthy of emulation.
Some BBNaija supporters are usually clouded with bias and poor sense of judgment
7. Watching TV all day without a source of income
Some people do not even have any source of income yet they’re glued to BBnaija 24/7. They can narrate all the events that took place since the beginning of the show till the end. They carry the show on their heads as if it create employment an opportunity for them.
8. They promote Indecency
The average BBNaija fan doesn’t see anything wrong in indecent dressing. They take those who dress indecently and have sex in the house as their role model. Some even watch stay awake all night because they want to watch those who will have sex
9. Blackmail
Some even make up stories and twist comments made in the house to blackmail other housemates. Sadly, not only bloggers do this, celebrities also take part in this act in shaming any candidate they do not like.
10. Shamelessly celebrating the misfortune of others
The way some people celebrate the eviction of some housemates ehn, you might even think the country has lost one of the most corrupt leaders. They make a big deal out of any evicted candidate as if the show is no longer a game
Thank you for reading
Written by: Tosyne2much


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