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I’m avoiding him because of his childishness’ – AY speaks about frosty relationship with Basketmouth

This was revealed by the comedian during an Instagram Q&A session with his fans.

Do you have a problem with Basketmouth?” one of the audience members inquired

Basketmouth has been battling his “uncontrollable superiority complex” for some time, according to A.Y.

“I have no problems with him. However, having unneeded conflicts with individuals is sometimes the price you pay for being progressive “He responded.

“For the longest time, he has struggled with his “uncontrollable superiority complex.” So avoiding his constant childishness became a must for my mental health.”

When asked if they still communicate, the comic gave an ambiguous answer.

“We only communicate with people who express an interest in doing so. Does that make sense to you? “He responded.

It’s no secret that Nigeria’s burgeoning comedy scene is riddled with cliques and rivalries.

Yemi Adamolekun is the Recipient of Global Citizen Prize’s 2022 Citizen Award Nigeria.

During an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu in 2021, comedian Bovi described how his relationship with AY Makun had deteriorated.

“It’s not because of anything, but if you have a method of working that is incompatible with mine, and if it offends my spirit, I’ll simply avoid you. I’m sure some people dislike me, which is fine. There is conflict even in the church “he stated.

Ebuka asked the comic to address the widespread assumption that Nigerian comedians are not unified.

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“I’m not sure…personally, I don’t believe everyone can like one other, but one thing I do know is that they don’t have to hate each other.” It’s a difficult scenario. In terms of the shows, I used to perform everyone’s show at first, but now I want to do it the way it’s done internationally,” he explained.

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