Who is Dr. Kamal Ranadive, ? Google Doodle honors Indian  cell biologist

    On Monday, Google is paying tribute to the Indian cell biologist who was among the first researchers in India to identify links between cancers and certain viruses

    Life History

    Dr. Kamal Samarath, popularly known as Dr. Kamal Ranadive, was born in Pune in 1917. Her family encouraged her to study medical education, but Ranadive was more interested in Biology.

    During her tenure as director of the Indian Cancer Research Center, she was not only one of the first researchers to identify the links among cancers and certain viruses, but she also was among the first to propose a link between breast cancer and heredity.

    In the year 1949, she received a doctorate in cytology.

    The Indian cell biologist studied Mycobacterium leprae, the bacterium that causes leprosy, and helped develop a vaccine for it.

    Kamal Ranadive

    She has  also encouraged students and Indian scholars abroad to return to their own country and use their knowledge to work for their communities. Wrote Google.

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    Why is Google Honouring the Cell Biologist

    The search giant honored cell Biologist with a Google Doodle featuring the biologist using a microscope, with different parts of the Google logo represented by cells underneath microscope slides.

    Kamal Ranadive

    My main source of inspiration was lab aesthetics from the late 20th century and the microscopic world of cells related to leprosy and cancer,” Ibrahim Rayintakath, an Indian-based artist who created the doodle, said in a statement.

    dr kamal ranadive death cause

    The Cause of her death has not been made public

    dr kamal ranadive age

    She died at the age of 83

    dr kamal ranadive birthday

    According to a biography on Google’s website, she would have celebrated her 104th birthday Monday.

    Source : google

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