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Buckingham Palace: 6 mansions owned before her death, Queen Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace and All the Residences Queen Elizabeth II Acquired Before Her Death

After dominating for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II was the British empire’s longest-reigning ruler.

The queen’s official house was Buckingham Palace, but she also owned a number of other mansions.

Due to her rank, she was the owner of some homes, while others were gifts to her from family members.

The late Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled for 70 years and passed away Tuesday at the age of 96, was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Before she died after a brief illness, the late Queen had survived wars, colonial eras, and pandemics.

Checkout all the properties that

The current queen owns Buckingham Palace, per a tradition that stretches back to 1837.

There are 775 rooms total in the palace, including 19 Staterooms, 52 Royal and guest beds, 188 staff quarters, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms.

Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II

The queen and her sister Margaret initially arrived at Windsor Castle for safety during World War II. On the weekends, the Queen still comes here and uses it as a sort of country hideaway close to her home in London.

Similar to Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth lives in Windsor for the remainder of her reign. With 1,000 rooms and a 13-acre footprint, it is the largest castle that is still inhabited in the world.

Holyrood Palace

Queen Elizabeth II

The Holyrood Palace is the Queen’s official residence in Scotland, where she stays whenever she travels there, generally during “Holyrood Week” in the first week of the summer. It was initially constructed in 1128 as a monastery.

Castle Balmoral

Queen Elizabeth II

The exclusive Balmoral Castle is also owned by the Queen. Because she spends several weeks there at the end of every summer, it is her preferred place to reside.

Sandringham Estate

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth’s beloved private residence, Sandringham Estate, is where she typically spends her holidays. It is famed for hosting the annual royal procession to the Christmas Day ceremonies at St. Mary Magdalene church.

Castle Hillsborough

Queen Elizabeth II

When the Queen travels to Northern Ireland, she stays in Hillsborough Castle, much like she

When the Queen travels to Northern Ireland on official business, she stays in Hillsborough Castle, just as she does when she visits Scotland and lodges at Holyroodhouse Palace.

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Additionally, it serves as the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland’s official residence. The home was built in the 1770s, and 100 acres of lush gardens surround it.

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