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The Whitakers Family Tree: The inbred story all you need to know updated

The Whitakers Family Tree: The inbred story all you need to know.

The whitakers family is known has the most inbred family located in the United States because every individual in the family is related, any recent documentation revealed that dear parents were cousins and not actually brothers and sisters which was stated earlier before.

Due to the facts that the whitakers family are genetically and also related biologically to one another has made it crystallly clear for everyone to be able to write something about the family history

One fact that cannot be hidden is that the whittakers family are being protected by the community where they reside and also they’ve made their family history to be very secretive hence made it very hard for individuals to interact with them

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In the year 2020 and horror movie went viral after a channel name soft white underbelly shared the video about the whitakers family life history.

Due to the fact that the video went viral as cost a lot of attention on the whittakers family raising reactions on different individuals wondering what could have happened to the family.

The Whitakers Family, The inbred story.

The whitakers family are the most popular inbred family located in the United States, the family are from Odd, West Virginia.The Whitakers the inbred family

According to documentation, the whittakers family became very Popular after Mark laita a photographer pictured them for his book title created equal in 2004.

Mark Laita made a statement how he received threats from neighbours while trying to photograph the family and also explain the reason behind why he was photographing them before he was given permission to continue his work, with the amount of threats from neighbours shows that the whitakers are protected.

In the year 2020, Mark Laita visited the whitakers family again Odd, West Virginia but this time I made a video of his visit Which went viral.

The video was titled “Inbred Family” the video wish you went viral got over 19 million views, 250,000 like and 12000 dislikes.

The inbred video captured the whittakers, a British family of older generation residing in a small town in the Appalachian region and working at their father’s farm.

Spotted from the video the whitakers family could be notice that they’re struggling to make a living.

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The whittakers family currently is made up of three siblings and are causing name Ray Lorraine, Freddie, Timmy and a sister whose name was not disclose. However there are also some members of the family who are still yet to be disclosed

Presently medical examinations has not be carried out on the Whitakers family yet but they our claims and documentation that their health issues arise from inbreeding.

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