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I Could Feel the Baby on My Back: A Nigerian lady, 37, who had been pregnant for six years, shares her story as she gives birth.

After what felt like an eternity, a Nigerian lady gave birth to the baby she had been carrying for the past six years.

Taiwo Lawal, 37, told in an exclusive interview that the trouble began when she had a dream during the first three months of her pregnancy. She considered suicide at times and stayed in a church for three years and six months.

In most cases, a pregnant lady is supposed to go to bed after 9 months of pregnancy, but that wasn’t the case with Taiwo Lawal. The Nigerian woman became a mother after giving birth to a daughter.

After 6 years of pregnancy, the Nigerian lady gave birth to a baby girl at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

Taiwo claimed that her journey began with a nightmare. In an exclusive interview with, the new mother revealed that she is still surprised that she has a baby.

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Taiwo lived in a church for nearly three years. Taiwo, who claims to attend a white garment church, expressed her concern after failing to deliver in a year.


People began to ask inquiries. Taiwo said she was ordered to stay on her church grounds as a precaution and to seek a solution to the delayed pregnancy.

Taiwo had considered suicide before. The new mother said that her tummy would shrink as if she wasn’t pregnant, and that she felt the baby on her back rather than her stomach at times.

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She went on to say that there was a time when a scan revealed her tummy was empty.

Taiwo recounted how she had nearly killed herself by running into an oncoming trailer. During her time in the church, the lady said she had such thoughts.

She thanked God for being a great support system and joked that because the baby had been in her tummy for so long, she anticipated it to come out with teeth.

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