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Muslims in Nigeria criticize a young woman over her dress (Photo)

A young Muslim woman received harsh criticism on Twitter from several Nigerian Muslims for her attire. A Twitter user with the handle Hafsa @wy dee posted pictures of the woman.

However, it is unknown whether she is the account’s owner or if it is a catfish account. In response to the post, some Muslims criticized the lady for wearing “such a dress,” asserting that it is against the Qur’anic teaching.

Abdullaziz Ibrahim commented on the post and said that if the woman were his wife, he would divorce her.

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He wrote, “If I’m the husband, you’ll receive your divorce for wearing this dress in public.”


In Ahmad Adamu’s words, “We have failed to prove the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah, and if this is termed civilisation, we choose to die uncivilized.

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