Why Do The Uneducated Ladies Get Married Before The Educated Ones?

    My uncle, who’s well learned and financially bouyant got married to a lady who slightly finished secondary academy.

    At first, our family members felt indignited toward this, but when they saw he was Insisting on getting married to her, they let them be.

    They have been married for ten years now and we do visit them. One thing I observe about them is; they’re happy and also play like small children.

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    Edo police officer  previously attached to SARS, assaults woman then shoots at and slaps civilians who confronted him about it.

    apart this, I have seen numerous well- educated men who decided to take lower educated or non educated ladies as wife and has always yielded a happy Union.
    I do say this; is there something about learned men going for lower educated ladies.

    As for me, I can marry an illiterate. You must be educated as I am.

    Let’s hear your opinion and experience.

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