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Waiters leave work to dance hard with a little girl in restaurant in cute viral video

Little Girl Dances with Intense Energy in a Restaurant, Waiters Leave Their Jobs to Join Her, Video Goes Viral

Many people have been talking about a video of a little girl dancing hard with about three waiters in a restaurant.

In the lovely video, the girl unexpectedly breaks into a dance and is joined by the waiters, who match her energy every step of the way.

Customers were drawn to their group performance, which drew them away from their other concerns to focus on the dancers.

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A little girl caused a commotion in a restaurant by breaking into a dance while everyone else was going about their business.

They first mimicked the girl’s moves before showing off their own.

The girl dazzled in her performance, vibrating with intense energy. Customers couldn’t help but watch the dancers as they transformed the venue into a club.

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The dancers took brief pauses in time with the music, much to the delight of the audience.

The waiters finished their dance and returned to work to cheers and applause from delighted customers.

See some reactions below

@SerWanger stated:

“All of you calling those guys security men…make una stop! Those guys are door men. If gbege happen na them you go run to for security. Those guys are happy door men! Do you know as security men that’s not in their job description to open doors. Nobody shout foul then 1/2.”
@Royalpriest1_ remarked:

“The guys you are seeing here are not security men, they are servers and part of their job is to make you comfortable. Security is a sensitive issue, you don’t want your security dancing for customers and entertaining customers. We need to understand these little things.”
@akindasamayowa1 wrote:

“These are two different jobs, the waitress or Waiter can dance with their customers kids to make her happy but for a security personnel it’s a no no.”
@Re_bel___ opined:

Sorry door men not security men, you see them with gun? Or stick to protect you? Their work is to open door when they see a customer and smile so the customer smiles back and they’re doing it perfectly
@6ft7showman thought:

“Wait I don’t get!
“So because white people are doing it makes it professional? Since chicken republic didn’t tolerate such attitude they don’t know PR business? How ?”

Check out the video attached to the tweet below:


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