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Viral video of a little girl dancing in front of her mother’s shop after school to attract customers.

A young Nigerian girl’s selfless contribution to her mother’s hustle has made her an internet sensation.

The Lagos kid was spotted in a video dancing hard in front of her mother’s shop, much to the delight of the crowd gathered there.

Nigerians are rallying behind a young girl whose dance performance in front of her mother’s shop was captured on video and went viral.

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The kid dazzled those gathering around her mother’s business with various popular Nigerian dance routines, including legwork, in a brief video published on Instagram by @gossipmilltv.

Netizens who appeared to know the brilliant young girl said her mother’s shop located in Lagos’ Ajegunle neighborhood.

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It was learned that every day after school, the young girl would set up an electrifying show in front of her mother’s shop to attract customers.

The kid seems to have established a local fanbase in the footage uploaded by the Instagram blog, as onlookers could be seen watching with bated breath.

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