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Video shows fine female soldiers shaking waists as they dance hard, goes viral

Female soldiers in uniform dance hard, and their video becomes viral, eliciting mixed reactions.

The video of female troops twerking enthusiastically has gotten a lot of attention on social media.

The force ladies danced in front of the camera while clad in their military uniforms and boots.

While some internet users praised the girls for having a good time, others thought their performance was completely unprofessional.


On social media, a video showing a group of female soldiers dancing joyfully has generated a stir.

In what appeared to be a lodge, the military women demonstrated their dance moves while dressed in their force uniform and boots.

The force ladies danced frantically.

The females twerked hard in front of the camera while local music played in the background in the brief footage.

According to reports, the female soldiers captured in the video are from Zimbabwe.

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As of the publication of this article, Vivscomedia is unable to confirm this. The dance video has generated a social media controversy.

“Is there a problem with them dancing ? Happiness is free it’s called self expression.”

@luvfredking said:

“Isorait…so wetin you want make we do? They are having fun…is only in Naija their superior would Clam down on them.”

@ursulawoma said:

“If na Nigeria now, they go don arrest them for dancing in uniform! ‍♀️. They forget that they also deserve to express themselves. Let me come and be going to Zimbabwe biko.”

@sheddi_bankz said:

“People that are supposed to be learning new tactics of war, you’re here twer-king. Arrest them allllll.”

@yumyumyommie said:

“See them punish them now like they are not humans too. US soldiers have a lot of fun while on duty without being penalised.”

Pretty lady in the US army dances in a bush in uniform

Meanwhile, previously reported that a beautiful lady serving in the US army had shown off moves as she danced inside a bush.


In a video shared on her TikTok page, Cheyenne in her uniform and what looks like a pistol by her side danced to Town by Kblast and Mighty Bay.

Before she started dancing, the lady made sure her selfie camera was in a proper place filming her. During the performance, she even rolled her waist. Many people who reacted to her video spoke about how beautiful she is in her uniform while some men tried to woo her.

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