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Video of a cute little girl in a black gown and her father performing a waist dance goes viral.

A gorgeous little girl in a black gown with an Isi-Agu top took on her father on the dance floor, and it was a sight to behold.

Many people have expressed they want more of the man and his daughter dancing to Darlington Onye Ntisa’s Egwu Abuja.

The beautifully fascinating moment a tiny girl came to the dance floor with her father was captured in an amazing video. First, they exchanged traditional Igbo high-fives, which many people were surprised to learn so quickly.

Viral video of a little girl dancing in front of her mother’s shop after school to attract customers.

The lovely dancing session began in earnest after that, as the two began what appeared to be a fierce competition. While the dad shook his waist like an expert, his daughter did lovely lady gestures with her body.

Darlington Onye Ntisa is dancing wonderfully to Egwu Abuja. Many internet users couldn’t help but like the girl’s dancing style and spoke nice things about her.

Viral video of a little girl dancing with so much energy causes massive reaction online

The tiny girl turned around a lot throughout the brief video, putting smiles on the faces of dance fans everywhere. Watch the following video:


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