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Trouble for Bobrisky’s haters as he sets to open ‘Bob’ family Whatsapp group

As he prepares to launch a family Whatsapp group today, controversial crossdresser and influencer Bobrisky has come up with a plan to pacify his enemies.

On Instagram, Bobrisky advised one of his followers to start the “Bob” family group Whatsapp group so that all of his followers can communicate and support one another.

It is not surprising that many people have expressed a wish to join the group given the volume of requests for inclusion in the Bob Family WhatsApp network flooding his comment area.

Someone should volunteer to start the “Bob Family” Whatsapp group so that we can all communicate and support one another. On Instagram, Bobrisky posted.

As previously reported by Vivscomedia, Bobrisky used Instagram to share his side of the story in which he was accused of defrauding one of his clients who hired him to promote a hair brand.

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The hair company had previously threatened Bobrisky online, demanding that he return the items in his possession, which were valued approximately two million naira.

Bobrisky responded by accusing the hair company of defrauding its clients. Furthermore, he asserted that numerous texts on his phone suggested she had refused to deliver desired products.

Additionally, Bobrisky disclosed that he declined to proceed with the arrangement because his followers had already voiced their displeasure and he wanted to avoid further misfortunes.

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It’s time we also called them out because many of the vendors we run advertisements for are local yahoo. You will pay us for advertisements solely to defraud our fans.

Priceless hairs On my dm, I have a lot of complaints about you from individuals who have paid for braided wigs but who have not received them. At the end of the day, our followers will accuse us of misleading people.

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